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East Oasis is the new Beach Burger Bar in the Ballito Village where amazing wings, awesome ribs, delicious pizzas, fresh fish, tantalizing salads, tender calamari, wood fire steaks and countless other mouthwatering dishes feature on the beach style menu.

Add to this a great cocktail selection, popular and well priced wine list, great coffee, free Wi-Fi, sitting outside watching whales far out at sea – smelling the sea – and you have the recipe for a great new destination in Ballito.

Our space is casual and modern, eclectic & cosy, where indoor and outdoor flow together creating an street café ‘al fresco’ environment – like all beach communities should have – even right here in Ballito. Beats the hell out of sitting in a Centre any day.

Whether it’s for coffee, lunch, a quick bite, meeting, somebody special, a cold one with the boys, cocktails with the girls, dinner, sundowners, or family outing, East Oasis is there for all, adding value to the local entertainment community.

Taking centre stage in all of this is our humble Burger.

This is the burger other burgers aspire to be. It’s the cool kid in the burger gang, nonchalantly doing its thing while the other burgers stand outside the circle, looking in enviously.

Constructed in the traditional American smash-style, with a soft milk bun, caramelized beef patty, smashing secret sauce, crispy lettuce, succulent tomato, pickles, and fresh onion with great optional extras to get really serious with your buds. It’s a burger like a burger ought to be.

Get them with crispy wedges coated, rather than sprinkled, with salt and you’ve got a burger destined to be consumed with a beer, cocktail, or, if you’re that way inclined, Jack Daniel’s. Try to stop at one, or order with a side of fried chicken wings.

Anyway, you’re here for a good time, not a heath check – sit back, relax, let us take good care of you. In here it’s a flip-flop state of mind, we’re here to be of service to you, get you to soak up the positive vibes and enjoy the lifestyle with you.

Parking is ample, and there are a variety of spots around to make your outing complete.

Looking forward to meeting you.

Authentically Yours,
East Oasis


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