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Many cyclists who join Cadence achieve a performance level beyond their expectation. More importantly, they achieve this without a sacrifice of their commitments and lifestyle with friends, family and work. Don’t take our word for it, refresh the testimonials. A scientific approach to training plus a power meter are two key elements to squeeze maximum performance from minimum hours, regardless of whether you are training for 94.7 or Cape Epic.


Endurance, speed, strength, climbing ability, – you will get it all at Cadence and you will be able to see the improvements thanks to the state of art power meters you will train with at Cadence Cycling. It doesn’t matter whether you are a road or mountain bike cyclists, complete beginner or riding and racing for several years. You will train at YOUR level and you will improve rapidly as a result.


The biggest percentage of cyclists who train at Cadence are those for whom time is a premium but their innate competitive streak still means they would like to attack the hills a little faster, endure longer, maybe dish out the pace for a change. The programs are a real challenge, but you will not be asked to do more than you are physically capable because your training will be tailored to your current ability and adjusted as you progress.

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