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Beach Bums Logo 1.png
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Beach Bums – Forever Chilled Since 1997

We are located right on the shores of Casaurina Beach. Beach Bums is an idyllic destination situated a short drive away from King Shaka International airport. Our venue is unique! Put your toes in the sand with our laid back atmosphere by day and our up-tempo life at night.

Our restaurant and bar features indoor and outdoor settings. Drawing upon an open air ambiance, swaying palm trees and tropical trade winds, our restaurant features “relaxed cuisine” and a varied menu with options for light dining such as our gourmet pizzas and burgers as well as the Chef’s creative preparations.

During the week our guests will enjoy a beachside music program that blends various genres of music with later hours offering a more upbeat soundtrack. Dj’s perform every Saturday turning the beach into their dance floor while Sundays have been dedicated to live music with different bands appearing every week.

We have become the premier event location for weddings, fundraisers and corporate events, the Event Lawn will feature an oceanfront lawn which will be surrounded by lush landscaping to allow us to accommodate parties of up to 1000 people.

If you love the sun and sand then Beach Bums is your perfect venue. With our “forever chilled” vibe, smiling and helpful staff, everyone is here for a chilled time. From ladies enjoying cocktails to men loving the ice cold draughts and the kids having a ball building sand castles, you are assured to have a great time.

With a meal for everyone’s favorite tastes, the family is sure to be satisfied .

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