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Absolute Truth Polygraphing cc was started in 2008 by ex Police Murder & Robbery detective Marius Stander. Marius, a 25 year police veteran, left the Police in order to pursue a career in Polygraphing and private investigations. He has many years of high profile investigative experience for many cases such as Murder, Armed Robbery, and crimes against children and the elderly.

One of the most important aspects of a polygraph test is to ask the correct questions.  Many hours of intense interrogation sessions with hardened criminals has prepared Marius to succeed in the polygraphing field.

Marius was originally trained in 2008 by the American International Institute of Polygraphing.  The American International Institute of Polygraphing trains American law enforcement Agencies such as the CIA and the FBI.

To ensure optimal service to Clients, Marius undertakes annual training with the South African Professional Polygraph Association. These advanced training courses teach techniques used by the American CIA/FBI include, interrogation and interview techniques, sex crimes (specifically child abuse), occult identification; and most importantly training on the most up to date methods being used by top international law enforcement Agencies.

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