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Welcome to Ballito Advertising on MyBallito!

We are so glad that you love our network and we look forward to sharing your posts or promoting your business to our awesome online community. We offer free posts and sharing for locals as well as highly effective online advertising for well known brands.

One off Posts for Locals

We are a community network so we are never happier than when we are working with our community! MyBallito posts for locals for free provided that your post fits the below criteria:

  • No promoting or advertising a business
  • No posts that do not adhere to Facebook policies
  • No posts or sharing of competing networks content
  • Posts that fall under our groups will not be posted on our page


By default all free posts do not receive a reach report. We limit free posts to a maximum of 2 posts per Facebook user request. We reserve the right to remove any post at any time. Post are only posted upon approval. Free posts are limited to available post slots and requests are not guaranteed.

Advertising for Businesses

MyBallito forms part of a 21 website network boasting over 2 million social media followers through our partner network.  We form lasting advertising partner relationships and restrict ads to a maximum of 3 advertising partners per industry for each network. Below are our available slots for new advertising partner signups in and around Ballito:

  • Restaurant & Food (1 space available)
  • Retail Products (2 spaces available)
  • Pet Care & Animals (2 space available)
  • Paid Charities (2 space available)
  • Doctors & Medical (0 spaces available)
  • Contractors & Services (3 spaces available)
  • Sports & Outdoor (2 spaces available)
  • Real Estate & Property (1 spaces available)

Total of 11 out of 24 partner spaces available. Last updated on the 8th of January 2018.